Rush ΔΣΦ!

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At Delta Sigma Phi, we pride ourselves on the diverse group of distinguished young men that we have maintained since our founding, and we invite you to consider joining us in brotherhood. Becoming a part of Delta Sigma Phi isn’t just a commitment to sharing the bond of brotherhood, it’s a commitment to always strive to become a better man than the day before. A Delta Sig is defined by the actions that he takes to ensure a better world around him, and we stretch that influence as far as we can by becoming involved in the community. The Alpha Alpha Chapter is involved with many activities and groups on campus, as well as local charitable organizations. We even host our own charity events, including a blood drive with the Red Cross every year.

The world needs better men, men of courage, men of action, men of excellence, and we seek to provide that. If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me by email.

Adam Burkett
Recruitment Director